Saturday, 13 September 2014

Obituary to Some Beautiful Beasties

I feel driven to post an obituary about all six of our beloved guinea fowl that have been killed by foxes in the last few days.  These quirky, beautiful creatures had become good friends.  Always hanging around the back door first thing in the morning and then again at teatime to get some corn.  They were real characters – noisy at times if strangers were around, but never digging up the flowerbeds like our hens are prone to do.  They had become part of the family – so to speak – and will be greatly missed.  Having said all of that, Mike was able to rescue a carcass which we will be eating with gusto tomorrow night!  Well rather us than Daddy Fox!!

There are always frequent comings and goings on farms and it is no different here at Fallowfield.  The newest arrivals are 24 store lambs that are Texel / Mule crosses.  I can report that even though they have been here less than 48 hours, I have spotted a major difference between sheep and alpacas.  No it is not the leg length, it is the fact that sheep are basically very stupid and alpacas are very intelligent.

Talking of intelligence, this is not a word that I would currently associate with BT or indeed any of the telephone companies.   Having had only intermittent telephone and internet connections for the past 10 days, I am not feeling kindly disposed towards the aforesaid.  Whenever you have a problem with your phones or internet, it takes ages to speak to a real person about the problem and then they keep you on the phone for ages, plugging and unplugging everything that moves or doesn’t in your house and surprise, surprise the fault is at the telephone exchange – again!!!  I was sorely tempted to tell them that they were entirely to blame for the lateness in posting my blog but I wasn’t entirely sure that they would appreciate this.    I keep having to remember that I wasn’t charged for the time the pigs ate the phone line!

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