Thursday, 31 January 2013

Marmalade Disaster

I love making jam and marmalade.  It is pretty easy and is more time-consuming than anything.  But switch on Radio 4 - not the Archers! - and it is a fun way of spending a wintry afternoon.  Us girls have a great ability to multi task - but not always!  These photos prove my point!

Things were going so well. Then I decided that I had ample time to go and feed the alpacas and do a mountain of other things whilst the peel was slowly cooking. Not so!!

As you can see, the muslin bag of pith and pips got burnt onto the bottom of the jam pan as the liquid had all evaporated.
Of course I blame Mike entirely for this disaster.  I think that he jinxed the whole thing as he was talking about me entering my marmalade into the World's Original Marmalade Competition!