Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bored or boring?

Bored or Boring?

Maybe it’s something to do with my age, but I was brought up to believe that only boring people could be bored. 
At the risk of deceased family members rolling in their graves, I must admit to being seriously bored right now.  So what you might ask is the problem?  The answer in one word is MUD!

Ok – if you see the girls coming for their breakfast, things don’t look too bad

...until you take a closer look!

I admit that this part of Northumberland has been luckier than many areas of the UK, but regardless of this (boring?) fact, I am sick and tired of the brown, sticky, claggy stuff that is everywhere – in particular around the alpaca field shelters and the alpacas themselves.  For the uninitiated, the word “claggy” is a Northumbrian dialect term for “sticky” – never say that I don’t do my utmost to educate the masses!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Got out of bed with a bit of a spring in my step this morning - mentally not physically I have to say as I'm recovering from some physio a couple of days ago.  Perhaps it's simpler just to say that I was keen to crack on with a few jobs this morning.  So where to start...?

Show Entries. Yup it's a pretty scary thought but it's only just over 9 weeks until the BAS Nationals at Telford.  I suddenly realised that apart from having to actually complete the registrations,
we had to select the show team and then halter train the juniors.   This is a photo of Ignatius with Mum Isadora getting the once over by Mike.  Are we taking him to Telford....?

Next decision to be made - how many pigs shall we get this year.  We have been really, really pleased with the pork from our pigs.  And even if the pork had been rubbish - which it definitely wasn't - the pigs were huge fun.  We have decided to go with Oxford and Sandy blacks again this year, but it is just a question of how many to get.  Curing the pork proved to be an absolute doddle.  We have finished all of our bacon - it was just too good! We've now started using our pancetta which is pretty nice too.It goes jolly well with stir fried cabbage.  Yum, yum!

I had also been dithering over whether to launch into an attack on the dusting and hoovering.  Not Spring cleaning you understand.  Well it wouldn't be would it as a. it's patently not Spring yet and b. I hate Spring cleaning!  But as the sun was shining which is a pretty rare thing these days, I just went out for a bit of fresh air instead.  Hopefully this sunshine will have generated quite a bit of electricity today via our PV panels.

Guess what - the cleaning has to wait for another day!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Party's over!

Yup the party is definitely over and the post Christmas clean up has begun.  As we've had the odd blowy day round here, there is even more clearing up to do than usual. 

Melania is looking particularly sheepish - sorry should that be camelidish??!! - but I don't really think she can be blamed for this wrecked fence.

Mike is feeling pretty smug as he is definitely ahead of the game in the clean up stakes - at least compared to the inside of the house.  Just look at his tidy barn.

Believe you me this all looks a lot tidier than it did last week!