Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Hard to believe but the sun actually came out this afternoon in Northumberland and the temperature rose to double figures.  So, regardless of the fact that I have got acres of paperwork to do – including the VAT return – I spent some time outside absorbing that much needed Vitamin D.

So what’s new?  Well all of the animals currently on farm seem to be fine if very dirty – that’s the show team heading off to the NWAG show at Carlisle next weekend.  Well they would be, wouldn’t they! But of course we have now got decisions to make as to which studs we are going to use for our females.  Although we have got our own top class stud male, Houghton King, he is too closely related to many of our females for us to use solely and of course, variety is the spice of life – or so they say!

The chickens are fine – although it would be helpful if the Buff Orpingtons weren’t permanently broody and hence not laying.  I have tried to have a word with them but to no avail.  Maybe the imminent arrival of about ten guinea fowl might spur them on.  It will certainly make sure that we are well informed of any visitors to the farm as they are notoriously noisy if strangers appear.  The plus side is that they are exceptionally good to eat.  Talking of which, we are having pot roasted guinea fowl this evening.  I’m using Clarissa Dickson Wright’s recipe. The wonderfully irreverent Clarissa was not only a great cook but a great countrywoman and will be sadly missed.

So what else to decide upon?  Flowers, flowers and more flowers!  No I’ve not lost the plot (completely!) but Mike and I have decided that since it is physically impossible for us to consume all the veg. that we usually grow in our vegetable garden, we are going to turn it into a flower cutting garden.  So watch this space!

And of course, last but definitely not least – pigs! Oh yes!  No problem in deciding to stick with the Oxford and Sandy Blacks – they looked good and they tasted ever so good!  The next lot arrive on Sunday but we must decide whether we go for more bacon, sausage, or whatever – my mouth is watering at the thought!     

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